Saturday, 10 December 2011

 Three rubbings i did from an observed gravestone. I had planned to use them to make blinkers for a horse, but that disin't work.

 Again from a gravestone. LIked the expression. It started out as an angel but i used frantic marks nad harch lines to subvert it.
 My impression of eel marsh house. I liked this image and used it in the final piece. It was developed from other bits of houses and buildings i had drawn from observation.
 Look carefully and you'll see the fingers of this impression of a sea fret- a cloud that is thick, rises like fog but from the sea, and enveloped mr kipps, clutching at him according to the narrative.
Some developments of the rubbing; i would use them as nathaniel. more later


woman in balck things are following.

I did not like this project, as i did not like the story at all, but i suppose one might say that it was good practice for doing things i don't want to, or other such moral. However i am inclined to just not do things that cause me psychological grief and stress. On the course, i probably will, to jumpt through hoops and pass, but in the outside
    i was also on my own during this project, which was interesting. I quite enjoyed being able to plan where and when i should go location drawing, and i felt i got a lot done during the week, more than i would've had i been in uni, i think. The week was tough, as i had to find time to fulfill important family responsibilities, and be out with family friends visiting the city, as well as do all the drawing, researching and reading (i listened to the story, had no time for the book). The whole rreason i couldn't go on the trip away was becasue i knew i'd have to do al these things, so overall the week was very, very very stressful.
   Doing the final pieces was a  little tricky, mostly because i think there's a stigma attached to the term 'final piece' that drives me to overthink and not work as freely.
      the final piececs i selected are all much much better in my sketchbook, and when the time came to put up the exhibition, i couldn't be bothered enough to make them look better: i was very ill nad at my wits end with the project. That being that, i'm quite proud of what i managed to acheive, through all the obstacles.

I've only just learned that thins blog was supposed to be a show of my work! That makes a little more sense now. Will try to do it more regularly.