Thursday, 23 December 2010


Watched 'Fred' today. Was hella bizarre!!!! Can't even explain how strange it was....
thankfully we had the cinema to ourselves, so we made up for the bad, strange movie by playing hide and seek, dancing and doing cartwheels in the aisles! :)
v.v strange...

Wednesday, 15 December 2010


we looked at few of these- quite inspiring as to what typography was in the beginning of the type project

dada mag

personal statement

a little worried about it. hope it's good....
i haven't been able to get in and see someone about it yet :( :( i hope there's someone around tomorrow... or else it will have to wait unitl my tutorial on friday before finding out if it needs entirely re-writing...
worries me greatly....


apparently a dada/ schwitters sound poem.
quite likied how the letters are animated


it was catch me if you can.

that's the title sequence that copied  the man with the golden arm

The Man With The Golden Arm

REALLY REALLY liked this one.
I'm sure this has been copied, probably a lot, 'cos i've definately seen this style, although before vis com i hadn't heard of saul bass.

vertigo start titles

watched this and others for the art of words type project :)
will coontinue posting as i have now finally figured out how lol

man with the beautiful eyes

looked at this for the conversation half of the type project...
....i thought the way it was animated was beautiful. And the edits (if they can be ca;lled that) are also stunning... i especially like the bit with the hopscotch. The  voiceover really complements it and is a good example of how text can be illustrated without being too obvious.

Charles Bukowski - The Man with the Beautiful Eyes

Tuesday, 14 December 2010


watched film in contextual studies last week.
I'm no type buff, i only really recognise times new roman and arial (and of course comic sans-hatred for cs has been beaten into me like a rival gang's colour or something), so i'd never heard of helvetica at all. i thought the movie might be some sort of action thriller with lean valhalla-type women clad in leather catsuits as they whizz around a city fighting crime or the forces of evil. that's what the film title said to me.

But no.


Just a lot of reeeeeeeeaaaaaally enthusiastic graphic designer-nerds who have some weird love affair for this font which is-sorry- rather boring.
  It was an interesting film, although not as good as my expectations, because of course helvetica does rule the world, seemingly. I hadn't heard of it, but i'd have to have been literaly blind from birth to have never ever seen it. I do find it a little weird, tbh, that the whole world loves this font so much. it is clever though how it fits any message, from public info signs to american apparel- it's probably a good exercise in how to give a font character. or to entirely remove character, which is what they must have done in this case, because it's like an empty thing...'s like water. It is actually like water, the way it molds into the shape of whatever container it happens to be in. Helvetica molds itself into anybody's words, anybody's voice.
 quite ingenious really.

I've been twitching ever since, cos it is quite freaky
   to suddenly see this thing, this oppressive font EVERYWHERE. (damn, it's even on my computer right now, where it says posting-comments-settings-design-monetise(what is that anyway?)-stats) and you start wondering if paula scher had a point when she joked that helvetica started the vietnam/iraq wars...

sagmeister vid link

there we go.

Things i have learned in my life so far.

It's been a while...

I'll trty to ease myself back into this.
I'm now about a month or more into vis com, it's going well, currently i'm trying to compile my work and research into a more tangible form in time for my tutorial, which is this friday. the thing is, lots of the research is in video form, whcih makes documenting that i've actually researched anything at all a little hard. and of course i've been neglecting this blog a bit.

It's fair to say that i do pretty much love Stefan Sagmeister. I watched his video 'design can make you happy' a few weeks ago for the 30 things to do project and LOVED it, and today i re-watched 'lessons learned in life' or something, which i think was related to the lists project. I really liked how everything in his list appeared so disjointedly (if that's even a word) yet had a thread of similarity which linked his work and made the message appear whole, like the wooden words which mistily appeared in a sea of tranquility in what appeared to be a japanese garden (keeping a diary is good for personal development) and the ones made up of people wearing words in everyday city scenarios.
   i shall try to embed it.