Sunday, 19 September 2010

stardate 13099.75 (September 19th)

    Okaaayy, where to start? Welcome to my new blog, hope your experiences on it aren't too tedious. :)
Just finished two weeks of fahion/textiles, which was very interesting. It's definately a nice break from all the intensive, strictly regimented thinking I was doing in A-Level. I feel in a way like I'm back at primary a good way, it's not that I feel I'm doing nothing, there is still a lot of work to be done. I should be doing it now, lol....I have too much music buzzing round my head. It's kinda weird when you can hear detailed music, listen to it and sing along without even having headphones/a radio on. I know this stuff too well. Looking forward to doing Fine Art tomorrow. I thought it was really interesting when Adrian said we think we like fine art best because we know it best...I do feel like that's true. We shall see. Does this thing have a word limit?